Manufacturing / Corporate Computer System

Manufacturing / Corporate Computer System

Computer system solutions that consist of small to huge desktop, server, notebook and related devices and equipment.


Overall Supply Chain

PITH is an authorized partner for HP, Lenovo , Dell an d Acer on the commercial desktop, server , printer and peripheral. We are able to provide an end to end solutions on the said brand. On top of that we are able to provide on site support and service to our corporate client. Our service ranging from supply of hardware, setting up equipment, after sale support as well as consultation on IT budget on computer related equipment.

On top of the above brand, we also have full range of Intel product , ranging for server solution, dekstop solution, vPro Technology, mini PC solution, Solid State Drive for enterprise, Intel Optane Memory to customized made complete system.

Leased to Own Service

At today competitive edge, we are committed to provide a cost saving financial service to our client, in which the approach is to lower down the operation cost as well as cost of ownership of IT equipment. The financial service is granted on case to case basic and subject to approval


Our Focus


Focus on Manufacturing

Manufacturing sector is one of the top user in IT related devices, we fully understand and appreciate the unique challenged manufacturing sector faced in protecting their daily operations, which needed a best possible IT equipment to minimize operation issue and increase productivity.
PITH support the above call and welcome all manufacturer to send enquiry to us for further discussion on the type of services and commitment that we could extend to them

Focus on Education

In any schools, it will serve a wider variety of user communities than any other kind of organization, ranging from Students, faculty, staff, parents, operations, all of this group of people are very much depend upon information management services. Furthermore, each of the different people has its own unique requirements and the IT organization in any educational department must fulfill all their needs and requirement.
Whether pre-school, elementary, secondary, university or continuing education, PITH has helped them all, in regardless of whether you’re redesigning computer labs, re-fitting a campus, or building new resources, we has the products, the people, and the processes you need.

Focus on Healthcare

In the healthcare services environment, all Information must flow freely, be readily available where and when needed, and yet be kept constantly guarded, protected, and private. Otherwise, the penalties are severe. That’s the environment information workers face in the healthcare industry.
PITH helps healthcare organizations and their business associates to protect patient’s Private Health Information) while in transit and while at rest in storage, fulfilling their regulatory requirements while enabling them to provide the best possible healthcare services to patients

Focus on Government

PITH experiences in IT project implementation over the past 19 years, is able to assist Federal, state, and local government agencies. We fully understand and appreciate the unique challenges governmental agencies face protecting the interests of their constituents while providing the best possible information services.

Highlighted Product

Intel Next Unit Computing (NUC) Mini PC

Intel NUC is Perfect for digital signage, industrial, or enterprise solutions, the Intel® NUC Mini PC brings full business PC capability to small spaces, offering remote manageability, faster meeting starts, and more to help provide more value to your business customers.



Get mind-blowing performance for the modern workplace. Intel® NUC Mini PCs are designed for Windows® 10 Pro with the power for all of your office apps.
Transform existing conference rooms and collaboration areas into smart, connected meeting spaces. Pair with the Intel Unite® Solution for seamless collaboration wherever your business takes you

Turning meeting room challenges into high-quality collaboration experiences.
It’s consist of the following features :
    A Wireless solution—simply join the session and share
    Collaborate and share content from anywhere
    Multiple presenters share screens and annotate
    Support diverse devices, operating systems, and plugins
    Affordable solution, whether on-premise or cloud-hosted
    Remotely manage, maintain and troubleshoot hub computers
    Capture usage data for analytics and ROI
    Helps provide end-to-end data protection from client devices to hub
Create interactive touch systems with brilliant 4K Ultra HD visuals. The Intel® NUC supports remote manageability, encryption, multiple displays, and broad third-party ecosystem support.
Customize your solution to meet your needs. Intel® NUC kits and boards are configurable, scalable, and are a natural fit for tight spaces or embedded applications.

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