Led Wall Screen / Smart Film & Smart Glass


LED Wall , Smart Film & Smart Glass have become more affordable with today technology advancement in visual photoelectric technology. It’s application is wide and have a lot of usage in human daily life style inclusive of company operation use to entertainment industry.

About Video Wall

Video Wall is a special multi-display panel setup that consists of multiple display, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Typical display technologies include LCD panels, Direct View LED arrays, blended projection screens, Laser Phosphor Displays, and rear projection cubes.

In today technology advancement environment, the cost of ownership for LED wall has tremendously decreased without compromising on visual quality, stunning brightness, contrast and colour reproduction. Similarly to the Smart Glass & Film technology that given the highest possible visual on the video, photo and images.


Our Focus

Indoor LED Wall

We focus on Indoor LED Wall as well as rental of LED wall for events and function.

PITH provide a complete solution on video wall from it’s installation, configuration to the setup and supply of media player, power unit and racking system

We have wide range of LED panel to suite multiple usage and application. Below is type of panel cell available with it’s resolutions :

ConfigurationSMD 3-in-1SMD 3-in-1SMD 3-in-1SMD 3-in-1SMD 3-in-1SMD 3-in-1
Pixel Pitch2.5mm3mm4mm5mm6mm10mm
Pixel Density160,000111,11162,50040,00027,77710,000
Module Size(mm)160×160192×192 or 192×96256×128160×160 or 320×160192×192 or 384×192320×160
Pixels/Module64×6464×64 or 64×3264×3232×32 or 64×3232×32 or 64×3232×16

Sample of 1m x 1m Panel Module

Type of application


Indoor Advertisement


Stage Wall Screen


Stage Wall Screen


Hanging Rack Model

Smart Film & Smart Glass

The Future of Display: Adhesive Transparent LED Film
Super-light, Ultra-thin & high transparency integration of any angle of screen view. This Revolutionary LED Film provides a simple and cost effective solutions as compared of conventional LED Screen
Extensive Application, Unique View Effect
Behind the greatness of the technology, this Transparent Adhesive LED Film transform vision with an immersive visual display. Providing ultra-wide viewing experience with any angle and arc of the architecture. This LED solution also offers excellent visibility in any distance, helping to inspire the new media industry with the consideration of environment protection

Perfectly Integrated Screen


Bendable to Suit the Arc Structure


Meeting Room with Integrated Smart Film

As an alternative to projector, Smart TV or Smart board, Smart film can be of your best choice for audio an dvideo experience in your meeting room. It can be giving flexibility in privacy and cost effective solution for business meeting. A simple on-off help to switch from transparent to frosted state (opaque) securing privacy and effectively insulates any noise from disturbing – creating a more approachable office atmosphere.

With the LED Wall, Smart Glass and Smart Film, we could provide you a solution for full range of digital media solutions. From the video wall to digital signage. Multi-Touch Interactive System Solution, Example Kiosk, Standee, Direction Signage and Conference Solution.

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