Customized Server Solution

Customized Server Solution



PITH is a certified High Performance Computing (HPC) Specialist by Intel.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is enabling new levels of performance and discovery, and its impact is being felt across many industries. And now, deploying HPC infrastructure is faster and easier than ever with Intel® Select Solutions.

Intel® Select Solutions for Simulation and Modeling lets you speed through your computer-aided design and computational fluid dynamics workloads. And Intel® Select Solutions for Genomics Analytics can help you accelerate life science research and treatment insights. When you choose Intel® Select Solutions, you get the latest hardware innovations from Intel and software from leading HPC ecosystem vendors—pre-tested and pre-validated—speeding your time to results, while reducing effort and costs.

HPC workloads are delivering new levels of insight and intelligence to organizations by tapping into and analyzing their vast volumes of data. But finding, configuring, validating, deploying and scaling an HPC infrastructure has been time-consuming and complex.

Now you can deploy your own HPC infrastructure in record time with Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC.

These pre-validated, built-to-order components greatly simplify your efforts. They include the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to deliver the performance you need for even the most compute-intensive and date-intensive HPC applications.

Contact us to discuss about your HPC objectives so we can help determine the right Intel® Select Solution to meet your needs and the same time to discover more about how Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC can accelerate your infrastructure deployment and adapt to your ever-changing demands.


What Are Intel® Select Solutions?

Intel Select Solutions are pre-defined, workload- optimized solutions designed to minimize the challenges of infrastructure evaluation and deployment. Solutions are validated by OEMs/ODMs, certified by ISVs, and verified by Intel. Intel develops these solutions in extensive collaboration with hardware, software, and operating system vendor partners and with the world’s leading data center and service providers. Every Intel Select Solution is a tailored combination of Intel® data center compute, memory, storage, and network technologies that delivers predictable, trusted,and compelling performance.


To refer to a solution as an Intel Select Solution, a vendor must:

Meet the software and hardware stack requirements outlined by the solution’s reference-design specifications
Replicate or exceed established reference-benchmark test results 3. Publish a solution brief and a detailed implementation guide to facilitate customer deployment Solution providers can also develop their own optimizations in order to give end customers a simpler, more consistent deployment experience.

By Intel’s certification as HPC Specialist, PITH is qualified to deploy the Intel Select Solution to the end users.

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