Customized Rack System & Accessories

Customized Rack System & Accessories

Handling Cart System, Workbench System and Wire Shelving Storage System will be our value added products for our manufacturing client. The products ranges consist of Stainless steel wire racking, Stainless steel solid shelving series, Security Station, ESD Workbench, ESD trolley, Heavy Duty shelving , Sliding Wire Shelving, Zig-Zag shelving, Reel Shelving and Push Cart Series

As a requirement by most of the manufacturer , ESD (Electro Static Discharge) criteria has always been our top priority in ensuring of a safe operation environment for our client particularly in electronic industry. On top of that , our industrial grade products have been tested for heavy duty used and high durability to ensure low cost of ownership.


Our Machine & Work In Progress

The following will be some of the model available

You may contact us if you require more customization.

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